Misty Mountain NFT

Misty Mountain NFT

1/1 NFT of Misty Mountain

The First Sale of the NFT comes with the original painting on paper, shipped worldwide.

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You can purchase this 1/1 NFT on OpenSea. 

It includes the original, mini landscape painting by Angela Seear, a contemporary artist based in Canada, known for her landscapes, nudes and abstract paintings.

A beautiful scene of misty salmon colored mountains reflecting in the mauve-grey water. Layers of color and texture overlap to create this beautiful scene.

The first sale of this NFT comes with the original (5" x 5")artwork on (5.25" x 5.25") paper. Worldwide shipping is included in the sale price. There is a redeemable code in the unlockable content, which will become available after purchase. Instructions on how to redeem your original are also in the unlockable content. Artwork must be redeemed within 6 months of sale of the NFT, or the artist reserves the right to sell it.

Copyright Info: All copyright and reproduction rights remain with the artist. Owners of the nft may display it as they see fit, including printing it out for their own enjoyment. Apart from their own use, owners of the nft may not reproduce the painting in any way whatsoever, sell prints in any media or sell the digital file. Owners of the nft may resell the nft for whatever price they wish.

The owner of the original artwork on paper may not reproduce it in any way whatsoever and all copyright and reproduction rights remain with the artist. The owner of the original artwork may resell the artwork and the nft separately if they desire. The painting is made with archival materials and should be framed with acid-free surrounds to ensure its longevity.

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